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CP03 - photo by Maciej SP2SGF
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CP08 launched & recovered
CP08 launched and recovered. Short summary:

Altitude 26711 m
distance 225 km
flight duration 5.5 h

First images you can see HERE
2009-05-13, Maciej Jakimiec

Launch schedule for 2009
The following, you can find launch schedule for 2009:

09/05/2009 - CP08 - Bydgoszcz
26/09/2009 - CP09 - Trzepciny
26/09/2009 - CP10 - Trzepciny
2009-03-19, Maciej Jakimiec

Capsule CP06_CP07 recovered !!
Good news !!

Capsule CP06_CP07 recovered

First images you can find HERE and HERE

thanks a lot for your participation :-)
2008-09-20, Maciej Jakimiec

CP06 / CP07 - track on-line
You can track the flights on-line

We will confirm your QSO or SWL report only when you inform us via QSO LOG ON-LINE

Good luck !!
2008-09-19, Maciej, Jakimiec

CP06 & CP07

We want to inform about next launch:

10:00 (UTC) - CP06 (FLY2: crossband repeater, aprs trackers, etc)

11:00 (UTC) - CP07 (BOBAS and FLY3)

Balloons sponsored by Delta-Utec from Holland. Thanks a lot :-)

2008-09-07, Maciej Jakimiec

CP05 launched and recovered. First images you can see HERE
2008-06-15, Maciej Jakimiec

CP05 from Poznań
We want to invite you to the next launch (CP05) from Poznań:

N52 24'17.78"
E16 58'34.57"

14/06/2008 and 13:00 local time.
2008-04-07, Maciej Jakimiec

Photo Gallery From The Flight CP04

In the column  "Photo galleries" we added the newest photos from the meeting ‘the Technical School 2007’, including flight CP04.

In addition, see the very moment of launch in a short film. You can load it HERE (11 MB).

2007-09-30, Maciej Jakimiec

Capsule CP04 recoverd !!
The capsule has been recovered. The load has been caught by Artur SP3VSS 50 metres from Jumno’s lakeside We hope, that water did not damage the electronics.
We were lucky, as usual :-)
More details soon...
2007-09-29, Maciej Jakimiec

QSL Card
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QSL SR0FLY card is already available. Distribution of the card will start soon and you will be informed on this fact in our regular mailing.
2007-07-06, Maciej Jakimiec

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