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CP03 -  photo by Marcin SQ2FRG
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Forum Copernicus Project
After short brake we started with new forum:
2007-06-28, Maciej Jakimiec

English version of our website...
I try to prepare English version of our website. Pete, please be patient...;-)
2006-08-26, Maciej Jakimiec

Das P14-Ballonprojekt

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As we have been informed, on the 29th of July, 2006, members of the amateur radio circle at Schubarts Grammar School in Ulm launched the balloon with the capsule. The project was realised with the co-operation from the local group of radio amateurs P-14. Meteorological data collected during the flight will be used in the next school year as a part of the classes on nature.  Also students interested in mathematics and technical classes collected a lot of material for discussion.

2006-08-14, Marzena Jakimiec

SR0FLY - Amateur Radio Licence...

With great satisfaction do I inform that today I got the amateur radio licence from the Electronic Communications Office for the frequencies we are interested in. Granted callsign: SR0FLY, location: space area of the Polish Republic

2006-06-05, Maciej Jakimiec

They wrote about us...

Notice of the secretary’s office at the Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK) 30/03/2005 r.:
As the President of the Polish Amateur Radio Union I declare the far-going assistance for this initiative. Copernicus Project makes the next element that can attract new learners of amateur radio. It mainly regards young people attending secondary schools, and students.

2006-05-03, Piotr SP2JMR, President of PZK

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